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How to Avoid “Neurotic Stupidity” and Build Resilience at the Same Time

When you are overloaded and stressed, your range of attention narrows sharply. Under extreme stress, this narrowing can even result in tunnel vision. (This means we see the world as if we were looking through a tube, or “tunnel”, missing … Continue reading

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Self-Compassion and Resilience

Earlier, I explained that there are three factors that indicate whether people are resilient. For this post, I want to go back to the second resilience factor, discussed previously, about not being too hard on yourself. Many of us attack … Continue reading

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Resilience and Happiness

About a year ago, I stumbled on a series of short YouTube videos, by Shawn Achor, on how to become happier. He is a delightful lecturer and his topic could hardly be more important. Achor taught a course on positive … Continue reading

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Basic Mindfulness Technique

Mindfulness meditation emphasizes acceptance of and compassion for whatever we experience. It is a useful practice for almost anyone, but especially for someone who is inclined to be harsh and critical toward herself or himself. The details of mindfulness technique … Continue reading

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