Relieve Distress with Extra-Ordinary Focusing

There’s more than one way to focus. When you learn Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing techniques you gain a new way to experience distress and, in the process, relieve it, in a big way.

Gendlin’s Focusing

Ordinary focusing is a matter of blocking out “distractions,” which makes things sharp and crisp. We think of ordinary focusing as shutting out distractions. We may physically tense up as we try to hunker down and focus in. Gendlin’s Focusing technique is different. Gendlin’s Focusing:

  • Relies very heavily on feelings and sensations in your body.
  • Involves calm, accepting attention to what you are experiencing in your body.
  • Invites a respectful inquiry from the thinking part of your brain about what is going on in the sensing and feeling parts.
  • Asks your body what the experiences are about.
  • Requires patient waiting for answers to come to mind.
  • Assesses the accuracy of the words that come to mind, not with more thoughts, but with shifts in your bodily sense.

Experience Gendlin’s Focusing Technique

Mastering Gendlin’s Focusing Technique takes a little practice, but the experience of mastering your distress is rewarding. Learn Gendlin’s Focusing Technique, by reading our post Focusing: A Highly Effective Way to Resolve Distress.

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