Stress, Vulnerability, and Living “Whole heartedly”

This post is about an online speech that touches on many aspects of resilience, and it is not easy to reconcile with our view of resilience. Originally our work was on vulnerability, but eventually we shifted to what we saw as its polar opposite, resilience. The idea was that vulnerable people react to demands and challenges in ways that make them unable to function effectively. They fall apart in the face of stress, sometimes even minor stress. Resilient people react in ways that enable them to function well and move on to success in life in spite of stress, and to deal even with major stress in ways that allow them to achieve what they value in life.

The view taken by Brene Brown is that vulnerability is the key to living “whole heartedly”. Dr. Brown makes an excellent case for her point of view, and later we will explain why our view and hers are actually compatible. But for now, we urge you to sit back and listen to what she has to say. It is about 20 minutes long, but worth far more than most of things we usually spend 20 minutes doing.


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