Our Next Step in Resilience Training

Debbie and I have been devoting all our available time to redesigning our resilience training program with changes that are much more dramatic, and thus time-consuming, than we expected. We are incorporating new scientific findings, but in many ways the new design takes us back to the roots of our interest in resilience, which reach deeply not only into scientific findings but also are anchored in our years of clinical and training experience.

The main changes will be no surprise to regular readers of this blog. They will have followed us in our enthusiastic incorporation of methods for tapping into the emotional parts of the brain to augment mere shifting of cognitions (self-talk). Our limbic, emotional brains must change for us to feel truly self-soothed, safe as well as warm and caring toward ourselves.

We have already presaged these shifts in recent posts, but we will have much more to say about them in the future. The changes are good for both the trainees and us, since they are more effective and they also allow us to make more use of our clinical and training experience.

We are focusing on these new modifications because we are about to do this year’s training for Jewish Family Services of Kansas City. The title will be “From Negativity and Self Criticism to Positivity and Self-Compassion: A Women’s Workshop. To register or for more information contact:

Susie Hurst, M.A., Family Life Educator at Susieh@jfskc.org or 913 327 8250.

We will give more details in the next few days.


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