Lessons for the Old and the Young on Recovering from Nasty Challenges

Elderly people can have devastating consequences, including death, from injuries such as breaking bones. Broken hips are hard for any of us to deal with, but often can be fatal to elders.

Recently research on the factors that predict recovery after falls for the elderly has shown that those who were more fit before the fall were significantly more likely to recover.

Our take on this is that elderly people who have a lifestyle that makes them more fit are more resilient in the face of mortal threats.

Many countries, including ours, have populations that are increasingly older. But if you take away from this recent finding that you should stay fit as you grow older, you are right, but you are, at the same time, missing the heart of the matter.

The main thing to take away is that the more you, whether old or yourng, cultivate your resilience, the more likely you are to come out well after any of life’s nasty challenges, and the more likely you are to recover a good life.

Nietszche said “Whatever does not kill me makes me stronger”.  Another, less dramatic and less poetic, way to phrase that is, if you have developed resilience skills, you are more likely to grow strong after nasty challenges instead of being taken down by them. And this is true no matter how old you are, or what kind of damage you are facing.

The take-home message is “start NOW to build your physical, and mental resilience”. It will help you through all the phases of your life.

This is YOUR LIFE we are talking about.


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