The Path to Greater Resilience: From Attitudes to Skills and to Habits.

When we discussed the Sense of Coherence in our previous post, we said that it was a match for the first factor in our three factor model of resilience.

In both popular culture (e.g. Rev. Normal Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking” which had a huge impact in the United States and elsewhere) and scientifically developed theory (e.g. Barbara Frederickson’s book, “Positivity”), the value of positivity has been recognized as playing a major role in lives well-lived.

But we see a distinction between attitudes of positivity and positive skills that are closely connected to those attitudes.

Probably most people would predict that positive attitudes and thoughts are related to resilience. But having skills such as knowing ways to calm and soothe yourself when distressed have been given less attention. In addition, many of us possess the needed skills, but do not implement them.

Once we take the skills to the point where we actually implement them when they are needed, we have reached the third level of using resilience tools, the level of habit.

In sum, we have to go from attitudes to skills and on to habits.

Isn’t this a lot of work? It can be, but for the most part the process is very enjoyable, even exhilarating at times.

Do we need to say that we think you should give it a try?

If you decide to do that, this and this will help get you started.


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