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Surgical Preparation

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Tips for Resilient Aging 1

It’s well known that the population of the US and other Developed Countries is getting older, and this shift has many consequences. A wide range of important stressors increase with age. Elderly people face many losses. Their friends and neighbors … Continue reading

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Recovery from Stress: Use Resilience Resources You Already Have to Calm and Sooth Yourself.

Your mental and biological reactions to stress are attempts to help you survive and go on to live a rich life. Stress left unchecked can destroy you. On the other hand, experiencing a level of stress from which you can … Continue reading

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A Simple Way to Sooth and Comfort Yourself.

(Oops! This was supposed to be uploaded earlier, before the previous post.) Our last post discussed listening to “sweet talk” and contrasted it with actually learning to be more resilient. This post will discuss self-soothing, which is a way to … Continue reading

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Overthinking No More.

I don’t remember where I first ran into the concept of overthinking, but it appealed to me. Both Debbie and I understand the limitations of the parts of the brain that underlie thinking. We also are aware of the often … Continue reading

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Your Stress Responses and the Wisdom of the Body

In our last post, we discussed genetic variations that result in our having either a “worrier” or a “warrior” brain. We also mentioned that worriers can handle stress effectively, even function at the level of Navy Seals, if they are … Continue reading

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Genetic Variants That Can Determine Whether We Have a “Worrier Brain” or A “Warrior Brain” and What We Can Do About Them.

This post is based on an article I recently found in the New York Times. It makes several important claims: There are two variants of a specific gene that influence how quickly we recover from stressful experiences. We get one … Continue reading

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Can Foreseeing a Dark Future Result in Less Disability and Lower Likelihood of Death?

About a week ago, Debbie came back from her morning run and said she heard on the radio that a study had been published supporting the idea that pessimism is more conducive to physical health than optimism. She went on … Continue reading

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Does Secure Attachment to Others Lead to High Resilience?

There is interesting research showing that how securely we attach to our caregivers as young children plays an important role in our resilience as adults. Children who develop a secure attachment to their mother (or other caregiver) tend, as adults, … Continue reading

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Some Things You Can Learn From Abraham Lincoln about How to Manage Your Life.

A recent article in the New York Times showed that Abraham Lincoln’s methods of managing the country can serve as a guide to managing a business. It struck me that each of us is the CEO of her or his … Continue reading

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